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05 May 2011 @ 10:20 pm
Sometimes I feel stupid for being SO, SO, SO involved in a vampire show on the fucking CW but then I don't and feel sorry for those people's lives who don't watch this show and its amazing crack.

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16 May 2010 @ 11:30 pm
So Daniel graduated from high school this week. I had to miss his graduation because I had a final the same night at the exact same time. Yes, my luck sucks. But oh well graduations are always boring as hell - most of the time. I'm proud of him because his actual graduating was up in the air for a bit there. You guys should probably know that Daniel went through some shit awhile back and nowadays he's still irresponsible and slackerfied even if he's improved in other ways A LOT. Still, he got the grade he needed on his senior project (where he picked playing drums as his "skill" or what the hell ever. He had to film himself doing this - and he was supposed to film himself over like a six month time period. But he didn't. Of course! Hell, he's an Akbari just like me. Procrastinating is cool except I tend not to do it that much. So instead of filming himself over the six months he decided to change the background in his drum room by putting up different posters and etc, and to also change the way he looks by shaving and cutting his hair for different segments of the video to make it look like six months had passed by. Oh, Daniel. LOL) Barely. But oh well. Who cares. At least that's over with. He plans to go to college and major in business. Hopefully. Let's hope! Hope! Hope! He's also talked about joining the army in the past. DO NOT WANT. I legit rip up everything army wise that's sent to him in the mail. Oh shush! HA! If he was that interested there are many other ways he could find information about enlisting. But? He's all just: Guns are kewl, bro!?! This kid doesn't even have enough discipline to make sure he turned in a quote for his senior yearbook picture. So him defending our country? Lol for life. Just no. Yeah, I'm a bitchy sister.

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14 May 2008 @ 04:13 pm
So... Boy meets Girl. Boy falls for Girl. Girl somewhat falls for Boy. Boy takes 10+ years to make move on Girl because Boy has communication and self esteem issues. Girl seems to like Boy at times, but doesn't want to cross that line with Boy due to the fact that he's one of the few men she knows she can always count on to have her and her daughter's backs no matter what. Throughout the years Boy and Girl are very close friends that watch each other stumble through life, but always know that the other will be there if they need them. Boy finally buys some self help books after his weird ass leaving other dudes socks in his drawer wife for two seconds goes away. Boy has his "whoah" moment and decides to finally go after Girl. Boy asks Girl to stand still. Boy kisses Girl. Girl asks Boy to stand still. Girl kisses Boy. Fans scream...Mechelle jumps on her couch and smashes her face with a cushion. Fans expect major communication issues and craziness during Boy and Girl's relationship. Especially since both Boy and Girl are not youngsters and have lots of issues under their belts. Girl had a child at 16, has an almost disastrous relationship with her parents, and doesn't have a good track record with commitment or men. Boy has loner issues, self esteem issues, and crazy ass family members. Also he doesn't have a good track record with women or relationships either. So, the fans can't wait for the amazing, chaotic, dancing around each other predicaments Boy and Girl's relationship should have brought. Instead, their creator Amy Sherman Palldino forgot to take her lithium for around two years, so instead of the bumbling greatness that should have been, we got insane issues and Boy and Girl's problems in past relationships and life emphasized to a ridiculous size. Still, Boy and Girl ended up together (EVENTUALLY) and they will always be one of the best ships EVER, even if Amy frakked them up towards the end.

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This is how this double mix set to a somewhat mellow (welcome to the SH bitch!) and folky sound was born. When one thinks of Luke and Lorelai one tends to think of blue jeans, flannel, coffee, hello kitty, and small town insanity. Table for two = Working through their issues to finally have the room for their "table" to pull up a second chair.

Hey, tomorrow, if you have time, I'm planning on despising everyone who says 'Hey, how's it going?'Collapse )

I posted it stina_bo_bina! *sticks tongue out* Good god. It looks like the world is going to end outside. The weather is horrrrrrible and I don't want to do anymore studying for my last final. Oh godddd.
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15 April 2005 @ 10:52 am
Hola. My name is Mechelle. Welcome to my journal - aka my internet crack addiction. Here you won't find really anything all that important; just the usual musings of a 23 year old college student & fangirl. I'm very laid back and I hate drama, so in other words I tend to be BORING. But if you're cool like me and understand that unique brand of coolness some label "boring".... then you get a thumbs up. Harhar.


Here in my Head: watching Apollo and Starbuck hit each other, falling asleep to History Channel shows, odd shades of fingernail polish, Ron and Hermione fighting while Harry rolls his eyes, coffee, LEONARDO DICAPRIO'S FACE AND HIS MOVIES, alllll types of music, creepy episodes of Fringe, things that are epic, Seeley Motherfucking Booth, pretty icons, wanting to see Bat for Lashes in concert one day, Theodore Evelyn Mosby, book buying ADHD, music with an etheral vibe, Raj being better than Sheldon on TBBT (haha), fanmixes, Kartik and Gemma sitting under a tree on a cold, cold day, listening to too much music, Martha Jones's badassery, waiting until the last minute to do basically anything, Desmond and Sayid being BRO OTP, highlighting basically every inch of my textbooks, Jack and Juliet having hawt sex on a examination table, making fun of people, Damon and Elena having rough sex on a kitchen counter and/or against a wall, stalking people on AIM, the fact that Sawyer and Kate are the new Bonnie and Clyde, never being able to catch up with my to-read/to-watch lists, Chuck Bass's clothes, texting, robot!sex between Johh and Cameron, psychology & psychological disorders, Don and Betty Draper killing each other slowly while being GORGEOUS, never finishing anything but school work, Ben pining over Hannah, using caps, still missing Luke and Lorelai...

Comment. I'll probably add you back. But if not...no hard feelings. Eh?


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