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TV taught me how to feel; now real life has no appeal.

I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy.

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Mechelle. 24. Psych major @ LSU. Fangirl. Impulsive. Bitchy. Sarcastic. Friendly. Quiet.
Book lover. Coffee addict. Obsessed with music. Movie junkie. TV's bitch.


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"stalking" last fm pages, all types of music, anxiety, art, barack obama, barnes and noble, bat for lashes, battlestar fucking galactica, ben/hannah, betty motherfucking draper, bill/sookie/eric, billy/mac, bitching, bones, books, booth/brennan, candles, casey/sarah/chuck, christopher hayden is worthless, cillian murphy, clinical psychology, coffee, damon/elena, damon/elena/stefan, dark red hair, devotchka, doctor who, don/betty, eyebrow porn!!!!, florence & the machine, folk music, freaking out, freckles, friends turned into lovers, gilmore girls, glitter, good stories, gossip girl, harry potter, himym, history, icons, iran, jack/juliet, january jones, jon hamm, kartik/gemma, kate winslet, keira knightley, lee/kara, leonardo dicaprio, leonardo dicaprio movies, leonardo dicaprio's face, lost, lsu, luke/lorelai, mad men, magazines, making fun of twilight, marion cotillard, matthew goode, merlin, mickey smith, movies, mr. darcy, music, music blogs, my dvr, nathan/peter, never finishing anything, orgy shipping, paxil, perfume, pining, pretty layouts, pretty things, primeval, procrastinating, psychological disorders, psychology, rain, random pretty people, roman history, romantic tension, romantic whimsy, ron/hermione, rpf, sawyer/kate, shopping, skins, smiles, spike on top chef, spike/andrew, squeeeee, swimming, ted/robin, the vampire diaries, to-read lists, toby/cj, tony and sid's friendship, travelling, tumblr, unresolved sexual tension, victorian era, virginie ledoyen, wanting everything from anthropologie, wasting time

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